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Reeds Spring Youth Empowerment Project

Youth Empowerment Project
Reeds Spring Youth Empowerment Project

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What is Photovoice?
Oct 18 11:54 AM
YEPO - The Grant Making Process
Nov 04 04:33 PM
Everyone, be sure to check out the latest YEP pictures on the media section of the website (www.yepozarks....read more). We posted pics from the annual conference!
Nov 03 04:17 PM
We have printed BIG checks for YEP grant presentations! If you would like to use these big checks at your next YEP grant ceremony, please contact Bri...read more
Jan 21 12:54 PM
Guidelines for Making YEP Grants
Jan 14 02:24 PM
Please contact Bridget at bdierks@cfozarks.org or 417-864-6199 anytime if you have questions about our new chapter pages. I am happy to help!
Jan 04 04:59 PM
Youth Empowerment Project
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Springfield, MO 65806
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